Big News! Alyssa Spa is moving!

Starting June 1, 2021!

New address is 3653 Sweeten Creek Rd, Suite 4, Arden NC 28704

I am so excited for this new chapter and grateful always to be part of your skincare and wellness journey. I look so forward to seeing you in this new space of calm, beauty and healing. Here’s to new beginnings! (Anyone else need a fresh start after this last year?!)

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to your skin. Call or text for your appointment today!

Back at the studio!

To all my dear clients (and prospective new clients) —

I am THRILLED to be back at the skincare studio on Sunday’s and Tuesday’s! It’s limited so it fills in really quickly! Be sure to schedule your appointment ahead of time! My schedule will open up more by May/June. Stay tuned!

Hopefully you’ve been able to maintain your skincare and waxing needs… But if not — no worries — we got this! Let’s get you in soon! We all deserve a little HAPPY…





Out on maternity leave…

To all my dear clients (and potential new clients),

It is just about time for our little bundle of joy to join us in the world! I will be out on maternity leave through the end of the year — possibly coming back for limited appointments in Nov/Dec. But I PROMISE, I WILL BE BACK!

The Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare products and mineral makeup (that you all know and love) will still be available for purchase.  Just send me a text or call to schedule a pickup at 828-450-2710. And I am still around for your skincare questions – please don’t hesitate to contact me!

I will be sending out an email to all existing clients to communicate dates for my return, etc. If you would like to be added to this list, please send your email address to: 

Thank you all for your support on this amazing journey! I can’t wait to see you when I’m back! Be well and keep up your skincare and waxing routines!

With love and gratitude, Alyssa


Celebrating our First Anniversary!

give thanks

Overflowing with gratitude! There is so much to be thankful for — on Thanksgiving and everyday! November marks the one year anniversary of Alyssa Spa! I am endlessly thankful to each and every person who has believed in me and supported me along the way. And I am hugely grateful for each one of my clients – who have trusted me with their skin care and waxing needs – and allowed me to live my dream! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

In celebration of Alyssa Spa’s one year anniversary — I would like to offer you another year of skin care and waxing — at an incredible discount! Call or text 828-450-2710 to find out about a Spa Membership!



Celebrating Graduates with 20% off facials in June


CONGRATULATIONS to all the graduates out there! Whether you are venturing from Middle School to High School — High School to College — or College into the “Real World” — you deserve to Celebrate your accomplishment with a facial treatment at Alyssa Spa! (And we know what exam stress can do to the skin!) Enter the next phase of your life with clarity and confidence!

Students get 20% off any 75min Facial Treatment at Alyssa Spa thru June! Go ahead, treat yourself! Call or text 828-450-2710 today — or what a perfect gift for the Student or Graduate in your life!

You deserve to feel good.

You deserve to feel your bestToday I challenge you to do something that makes you feel good. No longer are spa services a luxury, but an important part of health, wellness and self care. When we open ourselves to relaxing and receiving nurturing, healing energy, it is healing to the soul. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about FEELING good and believing you are worth it. Call or text 828-450-2710 to schedule your treatment today.

The Dangers of Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide use is so prevalent in acne products that they are making sheets resistant to its bleaching properties

Benzoyl Peroxide use is so prevalent in acne products that they are making sheets resistant to its bleaching properties

Notice anything ALARMING about these sheets? They are marketed as being resistant to Benzoyl Peroxide – the harsh, toxic chemical used in many acne products, including the widely-used line, ProActiv.

Why is this upsetting? It means that enough teens and adolescents are using Benzoyl Peroxide on their skin to warrant having sheets made that are resistant to its bleaching properties.

BENZOYL PEROXIDE IS HARMFUL to your skin. While it can mildly reduce bacteria, it interferes with wound healing and depletes antioxidants – aging the skin and increasing the likelihood of scarring.

Using harsh acne products actually creates MORE INFLAMMATION in the skin – over-drying and irritating the skin and worsening acne. The skin overproduces oil to compensate and a vicious cycle begins.

If you (or your teen) are struggling with acne and breakouts, please come see me for a natural clarifying facial treatment. There are healthy, effective ways to heal acne, restore balance, normalize oil production and reduce scarring. Call or text 828-450-2710 to schedule your Clarifying Facial Treatment today!



You are beautiful. You deserve to FEEL beautiful.

simple beautyYou ARE beautiful…  You deserve to FEEL beautiful.

We are all beautiful beings – inside and out. But sometimes we just don’t feel like it. Whether you have a true skincare concern, some unwanted facial hair, or just need some nurturing and relaxation – Alyssa Spa can help.

Call or text 828-450-2710 for your facial treatment, waxing service or just a little “me time” today!