Welcome to Alyssa Spa


Your personal facial and skincare studio located in Arden, NC, specializing in natural and organic facial treatments, and healing, nourishing skincare.

The philosophy of Alyssa Spa is “be kind to yourself”. This means taking care of yourself, making time for yourself, taking care of your health – your body, your spirit, your skin – and believing that you are worth it. You deserve to feel your best!

Healthy skincare is part of a healthy lifestyle. Your skin is an amazing, complex system that has been working hard for you all your life. We are constantly bombarded by toxins – in the air we breathe, in foods we eat and products we use – it’s no wonder more and more people are experiencing stressed and sensitized skin. With proven ingredients, treatments and techniques, we can heal, calm, nourish and repair your skin!

Happy, healthy skin is possible for everyone – and begins with regular facial treatments and a personalized skincare routine. Beyond skin health, facials provide much needed relaxation, de-stressing and healing. It’s about so much more than just your skin. Self-care is an important way to honor ourselves – to send a message that we are worthy and deserving.

Be kind to yourself. Call or text 828-450-2710 for your appointment today.